W E   A R E . . .

The day at Kumop Agency is a day of relentless creativity ... TOGETHER


Since the establishment of Kumop Agency, the guideline of Kumop Agency, is to join hands towards a stable development future for individuals and businesses that accompany us. That is the core direction we have today.


We . Together

Together we build the Kumop Agency, to get closer and closer to the members together Travel, Study and Development together. Always trusting each other is the key to our achievement today.

Marketing has created KUMOP

With a strong passion for Marketing, has united us and urged the establishment of Kumop Agency to use the strengths of Digital Marketing to provide SMB businesses, Star-up businesses with good and reputable services. Accompanied by businesses to achieve greater goals.

The Attitude that make US KUMOP


Nguyễn Văn Phước

 Marketing Director


Trần Thế Thịnh

Leader Digital Marketing


Đỗ Đăng Huy



Trần Thúy Diễm



Võ Anh Tuấn

Facebook Marketing