Ok Google : Learn Best practices to Optimize your site for Voice Search

What is Ok Google, Voice Search?

Today’s world is fast-paced, technology blessed and getting new inventions direct to customers door in a different size, type, and usability every month.

Voice search on of the technology to make life easy while searching online. Typing is getting old day by day and getting replaced by Voice search, people are using smartphones, tablets, and PC to voice search their queries.

Say Ok Google get your answer right away.

If you are an Apple user Siri comes handy. We find google voice search among Android users.

Do you believe that Google voice search has become very popular and optimizing it impacts Google search results, businesses and marketers should develop different strategies, content, and ad campaigns by keeping voice search in mind.

Understanding OK Google and Ok google setting.

Ok Google is a command to access voice search on your phone, It tries to understand your commands, search the term accurately, came out in 2012 to as a tool to assist users to use Google search with voice.
Google voice search was named Google Action which was built to get voice command on android phones.

Currently available in many languages including American, British and Indian English along with French, Italian, German and Spanish

Google voice search got a new feature in 2014 allowing users to choose five languages.

With Ok Google Command you can voice search information like Search, Get directions, get weather forecast or create reminders. 


Ok google setting for Voice search

  1. Open Google App on your Phone (Android Phone/Tablet)
  2. Tab more at bottom
  3. Go to setting and then voice
  4. Once Okay Google found tap voice match
  5. Turn on Access with voice match
  6. Now Google search is ready to take your command
  7. Say Ok Google and Go.

iPhone & iPad, Ok google setting for Voice search

  1. Click Setting in the top left
  2. Click Voice
  3. Choose your language and select whether you want to start voice search with “Ok Google”
  4. Your Ok google setting is completed

Now you can start your voice searchOpen google app again and Say “Ok Google’


Let’s understand why Google Voice Search Becoming Popular

People prefers speaking instead of typing. and new technologies are coming out to help you with this issue. We find Alexa in smart home technology.

Typing is considered more time consuming compared to Voice search. An average person can type around 40 words per minute but can speak 150 words per minute.

When talking about typing difficult on certain devices so they prefer spoken searches. Next reason for voice search becoming famous is its integration with upcoming products and technologies.

Voice search has made life easy as people tend to search different things online and satisfy their curiosity, Ok Google made it simple

How  to Optimize the Site for Google Voice Search

Needless to say, Voice searches are common on the mobile. If users are looking for any product, services, specific store openings hours, Store Address or contact details.

They start searching on their phone for these details. If you are a businessman looking to reach more people locally, You should consider optimizing your website for Voice search.

It is important to keep in mind about the user’s intention when structuring the site and site contents.

One should try to make business website voice search friendly which definitely help your business reach more customers.

If you are following the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices then you don’t have to work differently.

If you trying to understand and implement SEO. then you have much more to work on it. Your first step is to list your store, shop details which will be readily available on the search engine.

Important information like address and opening hours should be present on your site.

To get best the result and benefit your business your website should be easy to reach through voice search and wearable technology

Easy to understand the content.

We should always remember one thing that Voice search or any other similar technologies are just like an average person

We should consider helping them understand our website, contents, our products, and many other things. Our website should be easy with less technical contents.


Getting listed on Local Business Listing

After customizing your website, creating voice search friendly content. Very next and most important step is to getting listed locally.

When you are looking to optimize your site for voice search, List your site on business listing sites like Google My business, etc. it helps users reach your business very easily.

Business listing helps customers in “near me” searches to find your business if you have given complete and updated details of your business on these sites.

Easy to search website always rank in search and makes customers visit your business.

Long-Tail Keyword for best voice search SEO implementation.

You might think, this one is tricky but it’s not actually.

Most of the voice search is long sentences like Best shwarma Restaurant in Dubai or Bakery shop near me

Long tail keywords are easy for Voice search to understand and which helps get accurate search results.

When keyword on your website matches with the search query, featured Snippet is shown in search results with summary and link to your website.

Targeting Long-tail keyword is the most important part of your SEO strategy if you have Voice Search optimization on your mind.

When people inquire about your product, prices, store location, opening hrs. etc make sure to document the exact questions they are asking. This will help you begin with creating the content that focuses on questions.


Creating the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page on Site

Creating a FAQ page is Easy to the task, Whenever a customer calls you and ask you about your business, products, discount deals, Delivery service, etc, make note of this question.

Create Question-based the inquiries from customers and answer those question in easy to understand language.

In addition, we can group together common questions on the same page. Prefer natural sounding questions and SEO phrases.

You can create several questions and answer it to get crawled by a search engine to show your services in SERPs for voice search queries.

Searches will soon become specific. Be quick and make sure the answers are concise to the questions asked by voice searchers.

Structured Data Markup

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Structured Data Markup

The “extra” information that is visible next to the website and meta description is the structured data.

For example, if the visitor is searching for a bakery, they will not only see the salon’s name but additional information such as opening hours, ratings.

As a part of SEO strategy use structured data as it will increase the opportunity of ranking in Search Engine Using structured data definitely give you edge over your competitors.

Reduce page loading time

Page loading time is crucial in ranking factors, If your website taking more time to load and show the result details, it is going to negatively affect your SEO as well as your business.

Users not day are more interested to stay and read about your services if you have a fast loading website. You don’t have one. then, you may lose your prospect customer and which in return increase your website bounce rate.

Using fast hosting for your website decrease chance of losing your customers.


Looking at Ok google uses and Voice search preference by users, in coming years we soon will live in the voice search world. To optimize your site for Voice search, Start your implementations today.

If you have any question regarding Voice search / Ok Google, Please comment down below. Make sure to share this article with others.

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