Website Optimization: How to make the website SEO friendly?

What is SEO and Why it important for website optimization?

One line description of SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

But what it is and why it’s so important?

SEO is a process to get free or organic traffic to your website, or in other words, take your website to a larger customer base on search engines without paying any money.

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo help you just do that, people search for products and services every day online, If your website optimization is extremely good, your website pages will appear in search results, users see the page URL and short summary of related product or service on your website.

Website Optimization is important if you are looking to gain authority in Search Engine results pages, website optimization increases your site visibility in search results, which help you get more traffic to your website.

Website Optimization / SEO to-do-list

When SEO is considered, 3 major parts of SEO are important, and nowadays there is another SEO part added one more, which is Voice Search SEO.

On page SEO Checklist

Website Optimization is about your complete website, whereas On page SEO is making every page of your website, SEO friendly, in On page SEO, content is the most important part to work on along with the use of Meta tags and appropriate Keywords, so that search engine bots can crawl your site and deliver this content to the people searching for it.

To easily manage your website On Page SEO. you can use some free or paid SEO plugins such as All in one SEO.

All in one SEO plugin makes you on page optimization fast, easy and stressfree. Also very appropriate for search engine Crawlers. it instructs you about the part of your website which needs more attention. 

Details points listed below

Meta Tags Attributes


You might have heard that content is king and you heard that right, writing original and sufficient contents on your pages for better SEO is essentials.

One should keep in mind that writing well detailed and well-structured content on the page attracts traffic as well as search crawlers.

Title Tags are an important factor to affect your Google ranking positively, the title tag is the first impression of your content.

Clear and structured meta title has the power to attract more traffic and achieve very good SEO ranking.

Meta Description

A Description or in other less technically words a small summary of the detailed information on the page.

Why this summery is important, it gives a glimpse of page content.

A small but important part of Web optimization. The meta description is a shorter version of what you are offering on your page.

Meta Keywords

Generally, meta keywords are not in use these days, previously meta keywords played a major role in getting traffic and they were exploited as well.

Today overall sentiment online says that you shouldn’t use Meta Keywords.

Robots tags Attributes

Which Includes index / Noindex and Dofollow/Nofollow

The simplest meaning of these heavy words is “Instruction to search Engine bots.”

If you want to show your page in search results Index tags if you don’t want to then Noindex.

Similarly, if you want bots to follow and crawl the outgoing links on your website then dofollow and if you think it shouldn’t then Nofollow.

Header Tags & Keywords

Header Tags
Well, structured content always helps the users to consume it easily. Using Header tags is essential to make your content more engaging,

It also helps search engines in the acquisition of data about a website

Also using Strong/Bold and Italic/em in important words or sentences is good for to give better ideas to the user.

Whether SEO effect from these tags is not official yet.

Here is an example of Header Tags

How to make the website SEO friendly?

How to make the website SEO friendly?

How to make the website SEO friendly?

How to make the website SEO friendly?

How to make the website SEO friendly?
How to make the website SEO friendly?


Url Structuring

It’s an important part of website optimization and making it SEO friendly.

Its good idea to structure for user experience and help search engines deliver relevant results, which automatically affect SEO positively.

Images and Alt tag

Using images in your page content is a major part of beautifying your content from the users perspective and using Alt tags to the images is better for Web Optimization.

Using your relevant keywords in right image tags help search engines deliver accurate content to the users.

External Linking

External linking is important when you are giving reference to other website or piece of information for more clearly related to the topic.

External linking also help you build good SEO and sometimes backlinks.

Anchor Text / Internal Linking

Help your audience to read and engage more on your website.

Anchor text helps link your other important and relevant post, pages and content.

It saves users time to go searching for more relevant details.

Keywords Density

Use of right keywords in your contents should be the most important practice of making your website SEO friendly.
Use of your focus keyword in Title, URL, Header Tags, and good density throughout the article, increases the chances of achieving best Website Optimization

Off page SEO

On page SEO as suggested is an on-page implementation to make your website optimization possible.

Which mean for on-page SEO, you have to work on your website or in the back end of your website for SEO benefits

But when it comes to off page SEO, it is more about creating the best environment to benefit your website and increase the authority,

Off-page, SEO is an ongoing and never-ending process, but in the case of Off page “Never Ending” is positive and good for your website to generate more traffic.

Off page SEO Checklist

Off Page SEO is all about building links for gaining more search engine authority for your web optimization, there are many ways you can build quality backlinks.

Backlinks are important since they help you get free traffic, the visitor follows your submitted URLs and reaches to your website

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a practice of submitting your web URL as per category to different directory sites.

But one should always remember, Only Quality directory need to be considered when submitting your page URL.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is also a practice to get high-quality traffic to your website. High PR Social bookmarking sites can help you generate traffic with indexing privilege.

Bookmarking helps to get your pages index fast in search engines and get relevant traffic which reduce bounce rate.

Article Submission

Article submission is writing article related to your website content, and submitting it on the site those allow to submit an article.

it an effective method to promote your site organically and getting more traffic.

Forum & Q/A

Forums are most flexible platforms to involve in the discussion, ask a question and promote your website, Q&A sites like Quora help you promote your website.

You can utilize this platform for promoting your business or website by answering a question related to your business.

Guest Post

Guest post is writing an article for another blogger, You need to write an article for popular and High PR websites, writing a guest blog or article for a website with large no. of visitors can gain your website authority.

And article author credit helps you get a quality backlink.

Social Media

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many more are the best platforms to reach a large audience.

It has an enormous potential to give you high-quality backlinks, which help your website grow and benefit from it.

Other platforms like WhatsApp & Pinterest are also a very good source of organic traffic.

Facebook is no. 1 social media platform for gaining visibility and make the people aware of your brand or site.

Overall Off-page SEO helps you extend your Website Optimization limits to a new level.

Technical SEO practices for Website optimization

On page and off pages are two bridges to get good traffic to your website, but Technical SEO is the most important pillar to make your website visitors happy.

People who liked your content will visit again, only if they can view and engage with pages easily and fast.

You can check your site speed on sites like Page Speed Insights and GTmatrix.

Technical SEO is about making your website fast, by doing so visitors will be able to engage with your website without the trouble of waiting to load pages.

If your website loading in turtle speed, today is the day, you need to start working on it.

Image optimization

One with a basic understanding of SEO, can understand what is Image optimization, as its name suggests
Large images increase the website load time.

Optimizing images means reducing the size of images on your website without losing the quality help you increase loading time.

It also helps rank your images on rank on search engines.

Minifying CSS/ JavaScript

Minification or minimization is the process of removing unnecessary characters from mark-up languages without affecting the core functionality

Minification reduces the size of code making it efficient for transmission, In results increasing the page load time

Enable Expiration headers

In simple and non-technical language, expiration headers help a website specific files load from browser caches instead from server

By enabling expirations headers, we reduce website load time.

Expiration headers tell the browsers to store the specific files for a specific time so that files.

For the first time visitor, this process takes place and reduce load time for every one of returning visitors

Enable Caching

For every request browser needs to load all the files from the server every time, HTML files, CSS files Images, and JS files, but if you enabled caching website loading time reduce significantly.

Enable Caching means allowing browsers to store website files data to load that faster, and as results increasing the website speed.

Fix All Broken Links

Fixing broken link on your site, help you reduce chances of affecting your website SEO, if broken links or not found links are there on your site, start working on these links today

If you have broken links on your site consider redirecting it to the relevant page, if you don’t have relevant page right now, At least you can redirect it to related page.

by doing so you don’t lose your traffic to the links which are broken.

Limit HTTP Requests

To find out the number of requests you can use the google developer tool, You can check the details like how much time it takes to download the final byte. Once you found requests.

Start working on those specific part of the website.

If the images on your site take more time to load, go ahead and replace these files with others or simply remove those images, reduce the file size of images,

Optimization website to Load JS asynchronously

You can also check if any video or social configuration adding to you speed trouble, eliminating those files will help you in website optimization and increase load speed.

On Page, Off-page & Technical SEO is important for Website Optimization of all kind.

It helps your site with Ranking, Traffic & Speed (mobile speed as well), each and every one of us wish to make our website optimization super user-friendly and Search Engine Friendly.

I hope all the above tips will help you in making your website capable of pulling more and more traffic.

If you have any question you can comment down below.

Our last point is Voice search SEO

What is Voice Search SEO?

If you have a local business or your website sells products and services to a specific service area, you should definitely consider website optimization for Voice search.

Check out How to optimize your site for Voice Search 

Thank you very much for reading this article, It will surely help your SEO strategy one way or another.

Any additional information you are looking for, please let me know in the comments section.

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